Caloundra, QLD, Australia

Caloundra is my little slice of heaven. I had a week free before my flight home and decided to stay in one place to chill out for a week. I wanted somewhere close to Brisbane so as I didn’t have to travel a long distance back for my flight. I wanted somewhere with beaches, and nothing but sunshine and clear blue skies. Of course the majority of queensland has that, but I knew Caloundra would be a winner.

Back at the start of December I treated myself to resort on Golden Beach, one of Caloundra’s best beaches. So I knew the area reasonably well, well I knew what to expect anyway. That’s why I chose to come back here.

After 18 hours travelling on a bus to get here, I finally made it to be greeted with sunshine and a gruelling 15 minute walk to my hostel. This is the point of my travels where it all came crashing down. As I was strolling along, basking in the sunlight, I heard a crack from down at my feet. Thinking nothing of it I continued walking and realised my suitcase wasn’t quite rolling along as easily as it had been. I investigated further and it turns out I was now left with only 3 wheels. It wouldn’t matter if it was one of the top wheels as I never usually push it anyway. But no, this was an integral part of the suitcase. However, at least once I got there I wouldn’t have to deal with it for another week.


The past week I haven’t been particularly productive. I have been productive in the way of working on my tan, but I don’t think that really counts. Being in a place where there is nothing to do except go to the beach, or the bar, I have had a lot of time to gather my thoughts and really think about this past year. I’ve done something that I have never done before: set myself goals for the year. Realistic ones of course.
With the prospect of going home in a few days, I’ve come to really think about what I want to do with my life. No plans are set in stone, obviously, but I’ve got more of an idea. Going back to a world where everyone has their lives organised, whether it be getting a degree or having a real job, has put a little pressure on me to get organised. A good pressure, don’t get me wrong. All that beach time to yourself, your mind can’t help but wander.


I’ve met 2 awesome girls whilst here, and it was so lucky that we were all here for a week too. None of us knew anyone else so we stuck together. It’s been so nice getting to know them, and having some company for my last week. We mostly spent out nights at Drift Bar, and our days at the beach.

The waters are clear and blue, with plenty of fish to spot. If you go to Bulcok Beach or Golden Beach, the water is calm and cool which is perfect for me as I don’t like big waves. The best time to go to Bulcok Beach is late afternoon from around 3pm as there is an outgoing tide. This is when the Bullock Express springs to life and you can just float down the sea, no effort involved. The perfect end to a hot summer day.


I will genuinely miss Caloundra, more than I want to admit. It’s one of those places you can get lost in: physically and mentally. It’s given me some much need time for relaxation and time to gather my thoughts. It’s a place I’ll always have a soft spot for.

I hope we meet again, Caloundra.



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