Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

My time in this quant little seaside town was short lived, and I must say… thank goodness. For me there was very little to do once I had wandered round the park. A major disappointment for me was that the nearest beach was at least a 25 minute walk away. Add that walk to 30 degree heat and it’ll be no walks from me. Don’t get me wrong it’s a cute little place, just not advisable to stay for more than 2 days.

Port Macquarie to me, is the type of place you would live if you wanted the quiet life with your family. Or if you were retired. But on the map it looks like a lovely place, perfect for a few days stopover as I made my way down to Newcastle. Not willing to do the 13 hour bus ride from Surfers Paradise to Newcastle, I chose to break my trip up a little.


The hostel I was staying at was the Ozzie Pozzie Backpackers, also known as the YHA (Youth Hostel Association). I always choose to stay at a YHA, and I recommend you do the same. If you have any doubts about travelling and where to stay, you will never get a bad hostel if you pick YHA. (Apart from maybe this one).
It was about 10 minutes walk into town, and even further from the beach. With a very chilled out vibe, and not much going on, I wasn’t a fan of this hostel. It was too relaxed and far away from the centre. The beds were extremely uncomfortable and as a result I didn’t get much sleep whilst I was here. However, it was cheap and only for a few days.

The national park was quite enjoyable. I managed to spot some kookaburras, mud crabs, and I heard plenty of rustling in the leaves which I’m sure was probably a snake. Advisable to go with another person, but in my case it was just me. Being close to Christmas, I was of course sporting festive earrings as a jumper would not be a suitable choice.


The best thing about this place is the break wall. It made me feel every emotion possible, and no it’s not just rocks. The rocks are available to the public to paint on, and decorate in any way they feel fit. Some use it to remember a lost loved one, some to display inspirational quotes, and others are just simply Bogan. Only in Australian would you find a rock covered in Bundaberg rum cartons. I won’t lie though, I am a huge fan of this.
And it doesn’t just stop at rum. Oh no, Australians love every type of alcohol. Of course we are in New South Wales here, so no doubt there would be a rock solely dedicated to the much loved Aussie VB Beer.

How very Bogan of you, Port Macquarie.


Although it wasn’t my favourite trip, all trips have a meaning. This trip taught me to apply sunscreen, even if it is the cloud-iest day you’ve ever seen since leaving Scotland. I will advise you all now to do the same. It is Australia, after all.




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