Golden Beach, QLD, Australia

Nothing but golden sands, clear blue skies and 28 degree summer sun. All of this, right outside my front door along the gorgeous beach that is Golden Beach. The past few days I’ve taken some time out for myself which I really needed. I treated myself a resort on the Sunshine Coast for some much needed “me time.” The views of Pumice stone Passage from my apartment balcony were unbelievable and I never want to say goodbye to that view, yet I leave for a different beach view tomorrow.


Doing nothing but lounging by the pool and strolling along the beach all day, after 4 months of farm work was exactly what the doctor ordered.
If you are looking for the perfect relaxing weekend getaway where there are literally zero things to do other than lie on the beach, then this is the place for you.
Theres nothing like the feeling of the sun on your face, sand between your toes and cool summer breeze whirl through your hair. I’m fully relaxed now ready for this weeks festivities.






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