Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I’d heard nothing but good things about Melbourne. The food, the people…it’s many hidden secrets. I felt like I had travelled back in time to when I visited the fabulous city of New York. Everything about this place felt ever so NYC: yellow taxis; trees dotted down the side of cute streets; and tall skyscrapers in the centre overpowering the skyline. It is NYC, just with a lot more Aussie accents.


The beautiful Flinders Street Station – the oldest railway station in Australia.

The best way to see the city is on foot. There’s no better way than to experience the real Melbourne than by putting on your best walking shoes and braving the winter cold. This way you get to see the streets Melbourne is famous for. Degraves Street is filled with cute little cafes and coffee shops you can eat and drink in till your heads spinning with caffeine. I’d recommend the baguette store at the northern end of the street overflowing with huge sandwiches with as many fillings to choose from as you can imagine…all for $5! To die for!


Block Arcade is one of Melbourne’s 19th Century shopping arcades which will take you back in time to the olden days. With tiled flooring, marvellous high ceilings and shops made for the lavish, it’s hard not to fall in love with this glorious masterpiece. The Hopetoun Tea Rooms is a firm favourite with those who like to splash the cash on tea and cakes. And I will say walking past their creations in the window was pure torture. We did debate on treating ourselves but after noticing there were no prices in their window, we had to suppress our cravings and reluctantly carry on walking.


Melbourne graffiti is all over the city, on every side alleyway you’ll find some sort of colourful mural. There’s no getting away from it, and some of it really is beautiful and incredibly well painted. Although it’s often seen as “vandalising”, you can’t deny some people who graffiti are incredibly talented.


And of course no trip to Melbourne would be complete without a visit to  the beautiful chilled out town of St Kilda. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me as I’m no roller coaster fan) Luna Park was closed due to it being winter. If this was Scotland, we’d be embracing the cold. But this is Australia so everyone freaks out if it drops below 20 degrees…


Before I knew it, I was off to the airport again to fly to my next stop… Malaysia.



2 thoughts on “Melbourne, VIC, Australia

  1. Melbourne looks lovely — but no pictures of Ramsay Street????!!!! Another time maybe?!?!?! Cakes look delicious !! Looking forward to Malaysia blog!!


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