Byron Bay, QLD, Australia

First on the list was an evening walk up to the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse. After a quick nap following our early morning bus trip, we set off. It didn’t take long to get to the famous Byron Bay lighthouse, and it was so so worth it. The lighthouse is surrounded by stunning views of the coast line, and we arrived just in time to see the most scenic sunset I’ve ever witnessed. 


Our only activity booked for Byron was Dolphin Kayaking and I honestly couldn’t wait. Wetsuits were optional, so we stupidly decided to wing it and venture out into the ocean without. Why, I do not know. I didn’t quite realise, or even think about how we were going to get out into the deep blue. You had to ride the kayak over pretty big waves then start paddling into the deep dark ocean. It would just be the two of us on the boat, no professional or instructor. Which completely freaked me out.

I decided to bail and head back to the comfort of solid ground and wait for my friend to finish her kayak adventure. The deep open water has always been my nemesis. Even when I was little I got private swimming lessons to conquer my fears of being underwater.

However, the company we booked with were so nice and put us both on the afternoon river kayak tour seeing as I had already paid them for something I didn’t do. They said it would be a lot calmer and the water only rises up to your hips…maximum. I was so in.


The river kayak tour was on the Brunswick River, just outside of Byron Bay. The scenery reminded me of Canada with tall mountains in the distance lush green forests with pine trees and clear waters reflecting all of this beauty. (Apologies to any Canadians if I’m being completely stereotypical, or just down right wrong).
Our steering was definitely not on point and we spent the majority of the time laughing over how bad we were and crashing into the other kayaks, but I really had so much fun.

Our tour guide grew up in the area and has aboriginal descendants, so was a wealth of knowledge to us. He told us many facts and myths about living off the land and aboriginal legends. Not that I remember much of it now, but I promise you it was immensely fascinating.


The town itself of Byron Bay is adorable, and so completely chilled. Think peace, love and happiness vibes. You can tell this from the moment you arrive with the welcome sign saying “Cheer up, slow down and chill out.” It’s impossible not to love this little quirky place.







6 thoughts on “Byron Bay, QLD, Australia

  1. I really love this article! As soon as I get out of high school I plan on driving around the country just enjoying life and “finding myself” in a sense, no time limit though. This article helped me on a lot of things that were giving me doubt about going on this trip. Thanks a lot!

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