Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia

And oh what a paradise it was. This place has the whole package. Being a fusion of a city and a chilled out beach town, it’s the best of both. I’ve always been a city lover, until I experienced the chilled out vibes of a beach town. I can never ever see myself living a busy overcrowded city. The only place I can see myself living in is somewhere like this. Surfers has everything I could ever want. The high skyscraper buildings of a city and the relaxing beach right on it’s doorstep.


Our stay in Paradise was short, but well enjoyed – apart from our questionable hostel. Don’t get me wrong the view was incredible, but there’s more to a hostel than the view (although it does make it slightly more bearable). It was all excitement until we discovered the shower was a leaky one drip pipeline that we had to be in permanent squat position to get any water. Building works commenced at 6am each morning right outside our room. Not the best feature after deciding to have a night on the town…


Sleep deprived and half of us feeling slightly fragile, we made our way to the Skypoint Observation Deck to take in 360 degree views of pure paradise. Miles of tall apartment buildings tower over pristine beaches and spine-tingling blue ocean. Little rivers and lakes swirl through the mainland creating islands of buildings. It was a lot to take in, and it was another “I never want to go home” moment. Goosebumps ran up my arms and I got a bit emotional at the insane views I was witnessing. If I didn’t already know I wasn’t ready to go home, I certainly did now.



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