Brisbane and Australia Zoo (II), QLD, Australia

We left our hostel for 3 hours on day 2 of Brisbane. That’s it. I wasn’t feeling so great, and had come down with a fever and a bad cold. So I decided it best to rest up and get on the mend asap for the rest of the trip. Not the ideal time for an illness, but what we did see of Brisbane was lovely (albeit a bit chilly).


On a more positive note, I did manage to get a steak and a pint for &9…a bargain or what?!


We did however take a trip to the famous Australia Zoo a few days prior. I was lucky enough for this to be my second visit to Steve Irwin’s Zoo. Yet somehow I still managed to take just as many photos as I did the first time round, of animals I’d seen a million times before. Typical tourist, me.
But the icing on the cake was watching the Wildlife Warriors Show when none other than the 3 well known faces walked out into the stadium: Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin.


I was in complete shock at what I was witnessing! I grew up watching the Crocodile Hunter on TV with my Gran. I won’t even try to seem all cool and act like it was no big deal to see tv stars from my childhood, because for me it was. 8 year old Jennifer would never have believed that one day this would happen. I went into complete fangirl mode level 102.
Then to add another layer of icing on that metaphorical cake, since it was Bindi’s 18th birthday, we all got a slice of not-so-metaphorical cake.
I got a piece of Steve Irwin’s daughters’ birthday cake.
I was pretty hyped to say the least. The cake was pretty damn tasty too.
Even now, I still get excited thinking about that day. One of my many childhood dreams – accomplished. Along with petting some more kangaroos. Because when in Australia…



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