Noosa, QLD, Australia

Definitely an Australian holiday destination. It was nothing like what I had expected, it was better. With it’s long luscious beach, dainty streets packed with restaurants for every taste and activities catering for the adventurous and not so adventurous types: it’s hard not to love the seaside town of Noosa.


After filling our bellies with tiramisu and passion fruit ice creams, we thought it best we take a nice long walk (basically so we could guilt-free indulge again at dinner).
One of Noosa’s more popular attractions is the National Park walk. There are many routes to choose from, but we stuck to the coastal route to get our much needed beach fix. Although the sun wasn’t shining, it was perfect weather for a leisurely stroll alongside the sea. We reached Dolphin Point, the hallway mark of the coastal track, and managed to catch sight of 2 dolphins splashing around out at sea. The water was so blue and turquoise, it looked almost photoshopped.
I fell in love with Noosa, and would love to travel back sometime in the future for a chilled out weekend.




One thought on “Noosa, QLD, Australia

  1. Impressed with Noosa and the ice creams!!!!!! Look forward to hearing the story behind the “stone towers” !! Another fab blog!!!!


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