Agnes Waters, QLD, Australia

After being told our overnight bus was cancelled, spending an extra night in Airlie Beach, then finding out it wasn’t actually cancelled so we ended up losing our hostel money, we finally arrived in gloomy Agnes Water. My mood wasn’t the best to say the least, and weather certainly didn’t help. It had barely improved on the previous days: still pouring rain with a definite chill in the air. Not exactly the weather we were hoping for as we had a surf lesson booked that very morning. 

Both dreading being out in amongst the waves anyway, the weather didn’t ease our nerves for setting out into the open water one bit. Luckily the sun decided to show up just in time and by the end of the day our feet were red raw. Partly from the scrapes of the surf board, but mostly sunburn. *Note to self – always put sun lotion on feet.*


I’m not open water’s biggest fan, and I definitely would never have thought I’d voluntarily participate in a surf lesson. Old me would have had to be dragged by the ankles out to sea. But once I got more and more into it and with a little more practice I was loving it! I was genuinely shocked as to how much I was enjoying it, going back in the water again and again.

Of course 3 hours was never going to be enough for me to learn how to stand up on the board. With 40 people in our class, there was no one-on-one teaching to properly learn the ways. However, I’ve still managed to tick ‘Take a surf lesson in Australia’ off my bucket list and it can now be replaced with ‘stand up on a surfboard before I leave Auz.’

Bring on surf camp!!





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