Whitsunday Islands Trip, QLD, Australia

I woke up on a gloomy Saturday morning at 6:15am not so buzzing about our Whitsundays Day Trip. Looking out the window the clouds were grey, dull and the fog was unreal. Visibility is kind of a key factor in driving a boat, especially vital when you’ve got me in the back worrying my wee self. We had found out the day before what kind of boat we were travelling on and the butterflies in my stomach only got worse from there. 
Usually if you’re going on a Whitsundays trip, you’re on a sailing ship and staying overnight on the boat. I was expecting a similar boat to the one I did my Great Barrier Reef trip on. However, since we had a lot of ground to cover in a day… we had no choice in the matter and were put on Ocean Rafting. A speed boat.
Imagine the kind of boats that are used by lifesaving clubs to race out to sea to save people in all weather conditions. Yup, that’s the kind we were lucky enough to be adventuring on. There was no way our trip was getting cancelled, no matter how many fingers we crossed.


As the boat cruised out of the harbour into the open water, the driver decided to show us what the boat was capable of and do some tricks. The engines sprung to life and before we knew it we were riding James Bond style: being flung round in circles, the boat turning onto it’s sides. Fair to say I felt slightly sick and couldn’t look up – my eyes were staying shut tight. On a comparable level, it’s the same stomach turning feeling as suddenly dropping when you’re on a high rollercoaster. We were already rocking the windswept hair style, and we were only 10 minutes in…

Once we got to our first stop, it was snorkel time. Only for Mhari, not for me. Having already faced a huge fear of mine scuba diving, I didn’t feel the need to see even more coral on a freezing cold rainy day. I sat peacefully on the boat relaxing and taking snaps for the mad one who went in the water.


The next stop after a rather bumpy journey on the “Joyride” was Hill Inlet Lookout and Whitehaven Beach. This was the point I was most excited to see because I’ve been forced to look at ‘check-ins’ and photos of the beautiful views from fellow travellers that have already done the East Coast. I’ve been so unbelievably jealous!! It’s the 3rd most photographed point in all of Australia and it’s hard to not understand why. With sand as white as snow feeling like flour to the touch and sea as blue as ever swirling in between he lush silica powder. It really was quite breathtaking, even in the miserable weather.


Having lunch on Whitehaven Beach, I got the ever so strange feeling that I was in limbo. Weird as it sounds, yes, but let me explain. If you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you’ll know the scene where Captain Jack Sparrow is in Limbo with all the white scuttle crabs? I felt a very weird sensation come across me that I was in limbo too. The beach was too beautiful to be real, and the sand too white. Mothers running around with their children dressed in white linen clothing. None of it seemed real at all to me, it was all so heavenly.


We only managed to visit 2 out of the 74 Whitsunday Islands. And what we did see, was pure paradise.

More importantly we survived the speed boat with sand everywhere, knot-so-lush locks, and coming out the other side with a new thrill. I now have a love for speed boats. They aren’t so bad after all. Anything else you want to throw at me, Australia?



2 thoughts on “Whitsunday Islands Trip, QLD, Australia

  1. Jings what a story!!!! I would also say it was an awfy wee boat!!!!!!! I like the ” arrows ” in the sand—- or maybe it was a big birds footprints???!!! Another step on yer journey !!!! XXX


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