Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia

With running out of things to do in Townsville, I decided I should probably take a trip to Magnetic Island. Because why not.

I went with no plan and no clue of what there was to do. Completely unlike me. The bus service met the ferry at the terminal and I just decided to get on it and go to the furthest away destination. Of course that was only about 10 minutes, it’s a very small island.

I was met by yet another beach as I got off the bus at Horseshoe bay. There was one street filled with cafes and pubs, the rest was pure sun, sea and sand. I’d seen photos of Radical Bay and really wanted to go check it out for myself. The signs stated it was a 30 minute walk each way. I would change the sign to hike, and 45 minutes each way. It takes a lot longer when it’s hotter than 30 degrees celsius and nothing but steep stairs. The only way was indeed up.


But when I could see the crystal clear waters, I became so motivated to battle the dripping sweat and the gruelling hike. I began to hear the waves of the sea lapping against the shore. And when I did eventually get there it was a view definitely worth hiking for and I ended up having the whole beach to myself!


It was also recommended to me by an Aussie, therefore they should know what they’re talking about, to go to Alma Bay. So I got on the bus and that’s exactly what I did. However, I was a tad disappointed. The beach wasn’t anything special at all. Maybe because I had just come from Radical Bay, my expectation might have been a little higher.



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